February 03, 2012

Introducing GeoSIK

GeoSIK is a brand new open source project which goal is to provide .NET developers with a set of libraries that would allow them to implement standard OGC Web Services with as much ease as possible.

GeoSIK is supported and currently developed by Isogeo, a French startup specialized in the management of geographical data. The (soon to be released) Isogeo product will feature a CSW server (CSW is an OGC standard for sharing geographical metadata) based on GeoSIK.

While there are already many tools and libraries that attempt to fill this purpose (like deegree, OWSLib or GĂ©oSource for instance), we felt that none of them were quite suited for our needs:

  • ease of use (for the developer as well as for the final user).
  • performance.
  • .NET technology.

So we started working on GeoSIK. This work is still in the early stages and much more is to come. You will be able to follow its development on CodePlex and on this blog in the coming months.

My name is Mathieu Cartoixa, I am the lead developer on GeoSIK and your host on the GeoSIK blog. I will keep you updated with the development of the project as well as with all the technical issues related to the implementation of OGC Web Services in .NET. I hope you will find as much pleasure in this journey as I already do.

Stay tuned!